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01 May 2011 @ 01:39 pm
Here is the conversation I had with "Mahdav" the representative they gave me to chat with from snapfish to "address my concerns." Thanks for the help, dumbass.

Hi and welcome to Snapfish Live Help. How may we assist you today?

You are now chatting with 'Madhav'

Madhav: Hi Lizzy,

Lizzy: Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to download your whole album to your computer. I currently have my photos organized by month and year, and I want to have a seperate collection of my photos where they are organized by event. What is the easiest way to do this?

Madhav: Please refer the following link for information on ordering Hi-resolution photos.


Lizzy: I have to pay just to download my pictures back on my computer???

Lizzy: I don't want to order prints.

Madhav: Yes, you have to pay for downloading your images to your computer.

Lizzy: Is there a way to transfer my photo's to a separate snapfish account that I want to set up, or a picasa account, or any other photo storage account?

Madhav: Please be informed that the hi-res photo is a digital .jpg file that can be downloaded to your computer. It is not a photographic print.

Lizzy: Yes, I understand that. They're not prints that you order which I guess is why I don't understand why you have to pay.

Lizzy: Either way, is there a way to copy and share my photo's to another snapfish account?

Madhav: If you are using a Windows PC, click the right button.  A box will appear, giving you several choices.  You will probably want to choose "Save [Picture] As . . ."  then just choose the place on your computer where you will store the photo. If the name of that file does not automatically end with ".jpg", you will need to give the photo a name that ends with  ".jpg" -- don't forget the period before jpg!  If you don't use .jpg, your computer will probably not recognize this as a photo when you try to use it later on.  After you give your photograph file a name, Save the file.

Lizzy: Okay, but I have thousands of photo's in my snapfish per year since 2005, so it would take me weeks to do that. SO, I really want to know if I make another account to organize my photo's a different way, if I can copy the pictures from this account to that one.

Madhav: I'm sorry, the feature that you are referring is not available with snapfish.

Lizzy: You can share to facebook, myspace, twitter, etc, but not to another snapfish page?

Madhav: Yes, you can share the images to another snapfish account.

Lizzy: You just told me that was not available. Can you tell me how I can do this then?

Madhav: Please click on the share option just below the name in your home pages to share the images to another account.

Lizzy: thanka

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26 April 2011 @ 11:33 pm

Hasn't been the best week! I am starting to feel just a tad discouraged about my pain. They still haven't found an official cause. There is a reason that is confirmed for one of the two pains that I feel, but the stomach pain is still of unknown origin. What makes consistent, chronic pain even worse is feeling as though there is no end in sight and worrying that people think you are making it up. My doctor is taking excellent care of me, and we are working together to figure things out. I am extremely lucky to have him as my primary care physician. I am also working with a gastrointerologist who will be helping me to decide where to go from here.

I am taking pain meds as needed currently, however I do not want to have to live on them. If they boil it down to fibromyalgia, at least there is a medicine that is not a narcotic that can lessen your pain and make you feel normal again. Because that's the most depressing part. The fear of going places and getting sick...and just feeling different.

Also, the no sleep thing has been horrible. I was just put on ambien, which finally helped me to sleep through the night. Woohoo! Hopefully the two weeks supply I have will be enough to put me back on a regular schedule and I can get off of it, as ambien can lose it's effect after you develop a tolerance. SO, we'll see how things go.

Bottom line, I'm ready to be a healthy person because I am a happy person. Being totally healthy and feeling physically great will make things just that much better.

Pray for me please :)
20 April 2011 @ 02:38 pm
So I have decided on the title of my documentary which shall be : Not An Addict.

It epitomizes my ideas and goals for the documentary. Also, it is the name of the first song of the film. Hopefully, those who believe they are not an addict will find solace and hope in my movie.

Other songs to be included are:

"You Don't Know How It Feels" - Tom Petty
"White Rabbit" - Jefferson Airplane
"Wasted" - Goldfinger
"Under The Bridge" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Thrash Unreal" - Against Me!
"Stylo" - Gorillaz
"Stand By Me" - Oasis
"Simple Things" - Rebecca Howard
"Alcoholic" - Exzibit
"Needle and The Damage Done" - Neil Young
"The Crystal Ship" - The Doors

Just to name a few....
19 April 2011 @ 11:43 pm
Tonight I am going to express my love for my son and his dad.

Ziggy has given me so many things and made me realize things about myself that turned my biggest insecurities into the things I am most proud of. Because of him, I am not overweight, I have a body with personality, and scars and marks from delivering his child and he loves my body for that. He never feels embarrassed by it. He tells me how much he loves when my body shakes when I get excited about it. He laughs at my stupid jokes. He drives me to the emergency room at one AM when I feel deathly ill. He deals with my jealousies and my inability to let go of things and my uncontrollable outbursts. He looks at me with complete love in his eyes. He knows from one word when I am sad or feeling low. When I need him, he is there.

When I was growing up, my idea of my ideal man was a rock star. A partier. A bad boy with a soft spot for the girl in his life. Obviously I never wanted a jerk or a player, but I wanted the best of both of those worlds. AND THOSE MEN DO EXIST. They were the men I wanted when I was in high school. Hell, I dated some of them. None of them ever worked. I had only been dumped once -- That time being in eighth grade after a two month "relationship". I broke a lot of hearts in high school and after. I broke up with guys for being too sensitive, too clingy, too in love with me. This isn't vanity, it's what happened.

And along came Ziggy. Never touched a cigarette or a drug in his life. Been drunk once. Had really close guy friends. Wanted his own life, outside of the girlfriend. I stayed away for a few months, I wasn't sure I was into him. Because he was SO DIFFERENT from what I was used to.But when I gave him a chance, it was two weeks by the time I knew I was in love with him and he was the one. He was the first guy in a long time to make me feel the way he did. I wanted to spend every minute with him. I was GIDDY, I had BUTTERFLIES. And...I still have them.

And then we had our beautiful little boy. He changed my life. Suddenly, nothing else really mattered. I will never forget the feeling of them putting him on my chest for the first time when he was born. Looking at him for the first time, hearing his cry for the first time, and watching his eyes just stare at me completely erased the rest of the world. It is a truly unbelievable feeling.

Watching him grow has been amazing. The first time he smiled, I cried. I realized that I would do anything to protect him, and that my life centered around him and that everything I had to do had to be for him. And then there was the new fear, that I would do something wrong, or that he would ever get hurt. That's the difficult part of motherhood, the fear, the worry. The realization that some day, I wouldn't be able to protect him as much as I want to. I suddenly knew what mothers meant when they said they would kill anyone or anything that ever hurt their babies. I am so head over heels in love with that little boy.

And now, I watch him walk. I watch him throw things and say "Uh oh!!" I watch him raise his arms up high when I ask him how big he is. I hear him yell "DA DA!!!" when he sees Ziggy. I see him cover his eyes when I say "Peek a boo!!" I see him clap his hands when I yell "yay!!" or he watches a concert on TV. I watch him climb into the bathtub when I tell him it's bath time. I see all of these new revelations everyday and I can't believe that I created him. The love Ziggy and I have has made this little boy who is gorgeous, smart, and who has a personality that is larger than life.

I would do anything for these two boys. Anything.
19 April 2011 @ 08:50 pm
Have you ever really sat and figured out your specific dreams in life?

I have so many. They are all equally important to me AND, I'm ready to square them away. Get down to the details. So here you are.

FIRST OF ALL, I want to let everyone know that I plan on getting my masters in psychology, as well as a BA in communication, so a lot of these things will be hopefully done further on in my education, and are things that will be made more possible for me as I progress. I never want to just sit in an office all day, so these are the things I plan to do with my degree.

1) My non-profit organization. This organization will be for kids and teenagers who have been raised by people OTHER than their parents. My inspiration was this was for my neice Jadis, who has been raised by my mom. Whether these kids were abandoned, their parent(s) have died, or they have parents with addiction, I want there to be a place where they can talk to people, play, and get advice. Since I plan to get a masters in psychology, I want the people who will be working with me to also have a degree in psychology, or social work, or child development. There aren't many things aimed for this particular obstacle, and I want to shine a light on it.

2) Working for an anti-bullying campaign. I am horrified by bullying, especially to the extent that it has come to in the last several years. I saw it when I worked for the YMCA, I hear about it when my niece comes home from school, and you see it on the news every day. I want to help put a stop to it, or at least help kids cope with the effects of it. Also, I want to work towards heightening the laws on bullying, and educate kids in school on what can happen as a result of bullying.

3) I want to travel to high schools and colleges and educate students about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. I feel that I will have a different approach than some people do, as I have seen these dangers second hand and experienced the families side of what drug and alcohol addiction does to the addicts parents, siblings, and children. Drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs scares me so much, among many other things that terrify me about the problem, so I want to help stop it as much as I can.

4) I plan on making a documentary about drug and alcohol abuse. I am currently working on it, actually. It is completely amateur, with just my Flip video camera and my Windows Movie Maker, but I feel that it is something I am called to do, something that could potentially help someone. I have many many ideas for it, too, and think of new great things every day.

5) I want to be on stage! I would love to have my moment. I love to sing and play guitar, and I just want my ONE chance to rock out. I have wanted to since I was a kid, and it is just something that I want to do someday. Who knows? Maybe someone will give me a shot!

Those are my top five dreams. Of course I have millions! But those are the three I just feel I HAVE to do! I just wanted to share. Maybe someone has something in common, or maybe can help with any of these. If not, at least I have shared my aspirations :)
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18 April 2011 @ 09:57 pm
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Today was a no good day.

I woke up with a killer stomach ache, headache, and lung ache. Yeah, lung ache. I just didn't want to be mommy today and I probably did a terrible job at it all morning before his nap. Jakob woke up for the day at about 9:30 which was one of the good parts of my day, waking up before he does is always nice. And thank god for my brother Tony that he took him to his house after Jakob was up from his nap. I don't know what I would have done all day. Probably just cried. I'm convinced my hormones just got stuck at a ridiculously high level while coming down after Jakob was born.

Anyway, getting a little laundry done with Jakob away was cool but I wish I had slept. When Ziggy got home from work we went and picked Jakob up, and Ziggy made a joke about the way I eat which pissed me off more than it normally would. When we got back and Jakob and I watched Ziggy drive away to go back to his mom's...I just cried. And cried. I just want a stable home that's my own, and I know we'll get it this year but I am getting more and more miserable with every day that Ziggy has to leave.

Also, tonight I missed a good friend that I lost last month more than ever. I just wish I could talk to him one more time. While I wish I didn't have to miss him, tonight his presence in my heart gave me such a sense of peace. He is always going to be in my corner, and I can't wait til we meet again. Last night, I met someone in my dreams who I lost almost a year and a half ago: my grandpa. I miss him so much, too. And even though he was gone when I woke up, it was really nice to see him. <3 Love to all those that have gone that I miss. DJ, GE, & CT.

This post has been bipolar, but that sure is my mood today.
Til next time.
14 April 2011 @ 09:55 pm
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I guess she has not been my friend for a long time, but this time I know that it is the end of the friendship, and that feels a little bit different. Amy and I were friends since eighth grade. We bonded at the eighth grade dance over a mutual hatred for a girl who made both of us miserable. That summer, we hung out and visited one of our old teachers and we were basically best friends from there on out. We went through sicknesses, surgeries, first times, drinking, smoking pot, christianity, camp, college, drivers licenses, vegetarianism, breakups and make ups, and eventually having babies.

We have hundreds of pictures together, I got us into ridiculous shenanigans and she was my sidekick who was more level headed and made sure we didn't get into trouble. We did things together that will still forever make me laugh and cry thinking that I can't call the person who I had those memories with.

The truth is, she and I have become completely incompatible as friends. She is a negative person who believes that everyone in the world is cruel and mean and would rather surround herself with animals because they are the only innocent beings. She hates people, and will think of a reason to dislike you instead of giving you a chance. She goes out and drinks a lot now, and she has no morals when it comes to her friendships and relationships. Boys are disposable to her. She thinks she can fuck with their hearts and toss them away, but the REST of the world is cruel. She cheats, she says mean things about people constantly, and she is the complete opposite of who I am, or at least what I want to be.

While I know all of this is true, it is still a strange feeling to completely let go of a friendship. Now I don't have that friend who I was friends with all through high school, because I don't talk to those girls anymore. She was the only one I stayed connected with.

I'll be okay :)
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14 April 2011 @ 04:05 pm
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I had a cyst removed from my hand today. They numbed my hand so it is still completely numb and swollen. Ugh! Now I am just waiting for Jakob and Ziggy to come home.

They weighed me today, and it was extremely discouraging. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, because I JUST started working out again about a week ago, but man I was shocked to see how much I actually weighed. Guess I just gotta keep moving and it will happen eventually.

I am watching the Teen Mom 2 reunion. I really can't stand a couple of these girls. It breaks my heart to see little children watching their mom's and/or dad's walk away after screaming and yelling ad fighting with everyone in their path. How do people not take care of their kids? Or let their emotions keep them from protecting their kids? So sad :(
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14 April 2011 @ 12:31 am
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Howdy, self.

I am doing this for nights like tonight. It is 12:20 AM on what is technically Thursday morning, April 14. I am WIDE awake. Why? I have NO idea because since Jakob was born, I have had no trouble sleeping except the past week or so. But tonight I am not even going to lay down and try to sleep. It has been sooo long since I have just sat here at this time of night, and it is really nice. My brother is snoring on the couch, the TV is on, and there is a sense of total peace in my house. I know everyone is sleeping, I know I've gotta be up in a few hours, and I just don't care.

I was insulted a lot today. I was called horrible, cruel, hypocritical, fat, scummy, and a cunt.

I don't think I'm horrible. In fact I know I'm not. Out of curiosity, what would constitute you being horrible? What do you have to DO to be horrible? Because I haven't done many bad things in my life and certainly not enough to be considered horrible. Horrible in what sense? A horrible artist? Then yes she would be right. A horrible friend? Definitely not. I didn't ask her to clarify.

I am DEFINITELY not cruel. I have always tried to be nice to people and I would NEVER be just MEAN to someone. If someone is mean and nasty to me, I may have some words, but cruel is such an awful word. To me it means just digging deep at someone for no apparent reason, being cold and heartless...and ask anyone, it's just NOT who I am.

Hypocrite??? I have prided myself in NOT being a hypocrite. Honestly. I try to live by every word I say. If I say something to someone, I want to live by it. Because I CAN'T STAND hypocrites. It is only right.

I was called fat by a girl who is easily 95 pounds. So yeah, I probably am fat. But I'm okay with that. My body has delivered a baby, been through surgeries, and cared for people. This girl IS what you would call cruel. She can't say any of those things about her body.

I am not sure about scummy. When I think of that word, I think of someone who hasn't showered in weeks and is starting to look like fungus. I smell delicious right now, like Dove shampoo, so I just don't think that makes much sense.

And finally, cunt. My favorite. I don't get that. Isn't that an organ? I'm confused.

Bye :)
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